Take care of your acne easily. With Smart Encapsulation technology Which will keep the active substance in small round balls, making them effective Before the cream penetrates into the skin To effectively deal with acne Also helps to suck Absorb excess oil with Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that helps break down the blockage of the oil pipe, combined with green tea extract Helps to deal with germs which are the cause of inflammatory acne. And can still take care Black marks from acne inflammation For smooth, smooth, natural skin, breitling emergency replica
How to use
After washing your face thoroughly Dry the face, apply Agne Serum to the face without rinsing (Morning - before bed) 

Recommendation: For maximum efficiency Should be used in conjunction with acne mud, using mud, acne, mask over the face, leave it dry Then rinse with clean water Dry your face After that, apply Agne Serum without having to flush out the replica rolex datejust.

Agne Serum

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